รีวิวจาก Eros


The good designing agency, in my opinion, should not only be able to translate need or idea of customer (product owner) to be the design but should also be able to propose their creative idea to blend in with the customer idea and turn out to be better design”. PAG design did a very great job in this.

I sometimes have a rough picture in my head and just explain to them by wording. PAG design can decode my rough idea and complete the missing pieces. Finally, they turn my simple rough idea to be a master piece. Even when I totally have no idea, PAG design can give me a good advice and lead me to perfect design.

“PAG design always works by heart”. Many times, I have an urgent job with very limited time. They can just reject the job. PAG design never do that. On the other hand, they put my problem on their shoulder and help me to find the best way to finish the work on time with supreme quality. PAG design really are our “good design partner”.